Corazon Noble Y Poemas por Aida Lopez

Corazon Noble Y Poemas por Aida Lopez
Titulo del libro : Corazon Noble Y Poemas
Fecha de lanzamiento : February 21, 2013
Autor : Aida Lopez
Número de páginas : 142
Editor : Xlibris US

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Aida Lopez con Corazon Noble Y Poemas

This is a short, educational novel. Its composed of true to life stories followed by poems. For the author, writing is sharing all the wonders existing in her soul, her kindness and her happiness. She gave away all the sufferings she encountered during the different stages of her life and the life of others. This is her second book. The first entitles Historias Clsicas en poemas de la Vida Real which is as interesting as this second book. Find it in